Welcome to Students Survival!

Students Survival is a 501c3 Non Profit based out of Pasco County Florida. Our objective to to provide innovative solutions and positive opportunities for you and families in that areas we serve.

After School at the Rec!

We currently operate an after school program for kids 6th grade and up. Our mission is to provide mentoring, educational planning and homework assistance, meals and snacks, and leadership opportunities. We provide a safe alternative to going home to chaos or wandering the town aimlessly. As we grow, we are partnering with many Loyola organizations, including BayCare Mental Health, and are planning additional locations throughout Pasco County.

Dream Academy

Unlike the current options offered by traditional classrooms, online adaptions of the classroom or GED, Students Survival Dream Academy, offered through Penn Foster, will give students the chance to earn their high school diploma and participate in life skills classes which are not traditionally part of school. These life skills will range from understanding insurance and checking accounts, taxes and investments, as well as giving back to the community.

Pasco County Parks

As part of our partnership with the Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Department, we are continually working to help improve our community through investment in our parks. Parks improve quality of life. This can translate into safe and positive experiences for the community. Currently we are managing a private grant, intended to support our efforts and also assist the county in completion of SunWest County Park. We are also actively involved in planning events including tournaments and festivals. For more information on Pasco County Parks, click here.